Brexit Vote

13th March 2019

Last night I voted in support of the Prime Minister’s agreement. My view has always been that we would be better off leaving the EU with a deal. Whilst nothing like the deal I would have liked, I took the view that we would be better off securing Brexit and then working to improve our future relationship with the EU once we have left.

As it happens, the deal did not pass and we are now in unknown territory where literally anything can happen. Don’t think for a minute it did not pass because it wasn’t a strong enough Brexit. It didn’t pass because a large number of MPs are hoping that rejecting the deal is the first step to a second referendum and remaining in the EU.

I continue to believe that we will be better off if we can leave the EU with a deal, but I will not support anything that takes ‘no-deal’ off the table.

It was never going to be easy to secure Brexit when Remainer MPs significantly outnumber Leave MPs.

I want to leave the EU on 29 March. I will not support extending the leaving date. I fail to see how we can get a better deal in the short time left when the EU is more focussed on the European Parliament Elections and all the office-holders are retiring and new officers being elected. I certainly do not want to get to the position where we have to take part in the European elections and elect new MEPs!


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