Fixed-Odds Betting Machines

17th May 2018

Member of Parliament for Hemel Hempstead Sir Mike Penning has welcomed the Government’s announcement that the maximum stake for fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) is to be reduced to £2.

Sir Mike said;

“This is a great step forward and I am very pleased that this measure has been introduced. I receive many emails from people who have a relative addicted to gambling. Gambling addiction causes misery for the whole family and is a hidden problem in today’s society and must be tackled.

“I urge the government to go further and tackle the use of credit cards for online gambling and stop the constant barrage of popup and radio adverts offering free bets.

“For someone who wants to conquer their addiction, these ads are too much of a temptation. The gaming industry must behave more responsibly.”

Sir Mike recently tabled a series of motions in Parliament aimed at tackling the issue.

The three Early Day Motions call on the Government to put an end to ATM cash machines in casinos, prohibit the use of credit cards for online betting and prohibit print, pop-up and radio adverts offering free bets.

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