Kings Langley Green Belt Petition

Sir Mike Penning receives the petition from councillors with Charlie Wray, tenant farmer of Wayside Farm.
21st September 2018

Kings Langley’s Member of Parliament, Sir Mike Penning, received a petition from Parish Councillors against proposals to build on the Green Belt in the village.

Following a Village Poll which saw a 99% vote against the plans to develop the Green Belt in the village, Sir Mike Penning MP agreed to raise the stakes by presenting a petition to the House of Commons reinforcing the message that villagers remain unequivocally opposed to Green Belt development.

The petition was presented to Sir Mike at Wayside Farm, which is one of 4 Kings Langley sites identified by Dacorum for potential development, all of which are in the Green Belt. The other 3 sites are Rectory Farm, Hill Farm and the Shendish Estate. Sir Mike will now be raising the issue on the floor of the House of Commons, armed with the petition containing 2,750 signatures.

“The petition will require a formal response from the Government to the concerns of Kings Langley residents” said Howard Button, Chair of Kings Langley Parish Council. “In addition, we will be reminding Dacorum that any future proposals must have firstly examined all other options for meeting its identified need for housing and commercial development.”

Sir Mike Penning said “We need to protect the setting and special character of Kings Langley by encouraging the recycling of derelict and other urban land in and around the Borough. This does not mean villagers are opposed to any new housing in the village, but it must be sympathetic to the open character of the village and the contribution that is made to that by the Green Belt.”

Photo: Sir Mike Penning received the petition from councillors with Charlie Wray, tenant farmer of Wayside Farm.

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