Sir Mike Penning: "Trust is the most important thing in any democracy"

3rd September 2019

Sir Mike Penning tells MPs that trust is the most important thing in any democracy and any party, that is elected on a manifesto to leave the EU, that does not honour that cannot be trusted again in government.

Does the Secretary of State agree that trust—trust in this Parliament and trust in politicians—is the most important thing in any democracy, and that any party that goes out on a manifesto saying that it wants to leave the European Union and does not honour that cannot be trusted ever again in government?

My right hon. Friend makes a very good point. The Labour party said on page 24 of its 2017 manifesto that it was committed to leaving the European Union and respecting the referendum result, and the overwhelming majority of Labour Members—not all—voted for article 50, which set this year as the legal default date for departure from the European Union. I absolutely respect the rule of law, and so should the Labour Members who voted to leave the EU.



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